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pursuit-jersey-yellow croppedCapo cycling apparel was born in California in 2004, initially targeting the market with socks and casual wear. Now Capo supplies a range of cycling apparel including jerseys, knicks and custom kits.

The Pursuit collection is part of the Capo Corsa series and employs technologies such as Sphere TX and HydroDrop for moisture absorption/transfer and high gauge Lycra for muscle compression. The collection consists of jersey, knicks, socks and gloves.


The Design

According to John Sunde from Capo Australia, the leg gripper is reasonably firm to provide muscle stability. The tight gripper is designed such that you position the leg band on your leg first and then adjust the rest of the garment up accordingly. It’s the opposite of how you would normally put on a pair of bib knicks, but results in a comfortable fit with very little effort.

Compression is one of the features that Capo has embraced over the last few years. While the Pursuit range does provide some basic compression you really need to look to the Capo GS range for compression specific kit. It is difficult to quantify the benefits of the Pursuit compression, however it is designed to really add benefit after the third or fourth hour of riding.

One of the best attributes of the jersey is its’ ability to wick away moisture from the body and into the air. I found that even in very hot and humid conditions, whilst sweating profusely up a long climb, I was still relatively dry. The hi-tech SphereTX and HydroDrop fabrics provide a comfortable fit, void of that heavy perspiration soaked feeling.

The socks were good without being great, whilst the gloves were very comfortable and secure even though they have no wrist strap.

Knicks and jerseyCapo Pursuit – Simple Italian Styling

The Look

Visually the Pursuit knicks are all black with minimal Capo wording, they look sleek and certainly have a nice line to the leg. The jersey has an uncluttered tri-tone design that provides the ensemble with traditional Italian styling.

The Fit

The bibs feel tight. Using 40 gauge Lyrca, they are designed to fit tight – compression feel – which is quite different to standard gauge Lycra. When you first put them on you notice the tightness, even swinging my leg over my top tube I was thinking maybe I got the wrong size, but once riding the knicks did not feel tight at all, in fact they felt comfortable and relaxed – a result afforded by the quality materials. The jersey is made from circular knit SphereTX material and again the fit felt relaxed despite the fact it was a form fitting size.

 Gloves and socks

Capo Pursuit – Gloves and socks

The Price

The Pursuit range of garments from Capo is in the mid to high end of cycling apparel. The jersey is around $150 and the knicks $200.

This price may dissuade some, luckily Capo produces a complete range of garments at virtually every price point, from your standard Riga jersey at $90 right up to the GS range at $260 – yes, just for the jersey. The Pursuit socks retail for $25 and the gloves $50.

– Lachlan Mackay

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