To See or Not to See – Salice 006 Sunglass Review

Salice is an Italian manufacturer of cycling sunglasses and helmets. Way back in 1919, Vitaliano Salice founded the company in Musso in Northern Italy, today the Salice factory and headquarters is located just a few kms away in Gravedona on Lake Como and is still run by the Salice family.

With a somewhat bland name of 006 – 007 would have been much better – this model in the Salice range was developed with the help of Alessandro Pettachi from Omega Pharma Quick-Step (OPQS). This range is also used by many other well-known riders in the World Tour and the Tour de France (TDF), and Salice is a sponsor of the Lampre team and World Road Champion Rui Costa.

IMG_2706 smallSalice 006 Sunglasses

The lens is very clear and initial use suggests they are relatively scratch resistant, but I was not surprised as these are baseline features of quality sunglasses. The lack of distortion around the wide lens is again what you expect for sunnies in this price range – around AUD$190 . The 006 model comes with two lenses, a clear lens for pre-dawn or low light rides and the mirror coated lens for use during sunny days. The mirrored lens is certified to UV400 and block UVA, B and C rays.

I found swapping over the lenses a bit tricky, initially I popped out one corner of the lens then the nose area, it felt like I was going to break the polycarbonate lens or the frame. I thought there had to be an easier way and a quick online search found that you are meant to pop out the nose area first – there was no mention of this in the instructions that come in the glass case.

IMG_2692 smallSalice 006 with clear lenses – as seen all over Europe

I wore Shimano and BBB glasses for many years and one thing I noticed when I started wearing the Salices was how well they gripped on the nose. They just stay in position on your face and do not require adjusting while riding. The soft rubber nose piece is not adjustable on this model so perhaps with a smaller/wider/flatter nose they may not sit as well, but for me the 006 and my big nose were a good match. The side arms also have rubber grippers to provide added hold. The lightweight frame and lens combination results in a very comfortable set of glasses, even over dead or pot-holed roads.

When I ride and race I assume a tucked position with my head down to affect the most aero position, this results in you having to move your eyes up in order to see the road in front. Hence my key criterion when purchasing a pair of bike sunnies is whether the frame of the glasses inhibits vision while in the tucked position. With the Salices, the frame sits a little higher on your face resulting in no obstruction to your view – tick.

The vents on the side of the lenses help prevent the inside of the lens fogging up when you are stopped at traffic lights – or on a tough climb for that matter – and also provide cooling ventilation on hot days. The lenses are treated to help repel water – called “hydrophobic technology” by Salice – which is helpful during light rain or heavy sweat.

IMG_2717 smallSalice 006 side vents prevent misting

The glasses come in a nice semi-rigid protective case, which holds both the glasses and the spare lens. There is also a cleaning cloth. The 006 range IMG_2709 smallcomes with a choice of standard multilayer mirror lenses, Polarflex (polarised lens) and Photochromatic (light adjusting lens) and dozens of colour combinations.

The lack of changeable nose pieces, to fit different shaped noses may put some people off and you don’t get the customisation of say a pair of Oakley Radarlocks but the Salice 006 provide a set of reasonable priced quality glasses that will please most discerning eyes.


– Lachlan Mackay



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