Let’sa Go! – EVOC Bike Travel Bag

What do you do when you’re at the post-ride café and you and your mates dream up that next big bike holiday in Europe?

Well apart from saying “I’m in” without consulting you partner/financial minister, the first thing you need is a bike bag. And let’s face it, we love our precious steads so we want to make sure they get to our final destination in one piece.

The EVOC bike travel bag is ostensibly a typical modern bike bag, designed for transporting your bike to races, weekends away and to the far flung corners of the cycling world.

evoc Bike Bag

The EVOC Bike Traveling Bag

Use and Key Features

To pack your road or mountain bike into the EVOC, all you have to do is lower your seat and remove your wheels and handle bars. I have found you can leave your pedals on although EVOC suggest you remove them as well.

  • Can fit road or mountain bikes including 29ers.
  • Only requires the removal of the wheels and handlebars.
  • Uses a padded block that the bottom bracket rests on.
  • Includes extra frame and folk padding.
  • 2 separate wheel compartments on the sides.
  • 3 separate compartments for smaller parts (pedals, quick release skewers, tools, etc).
  • 8 carry handles (2 on each side) for smooth handling.
  • Wide, stable heavy-duty undercarriage with smoothly running skate wheels (replaceable).
  • Lockable zips.
  • Collapsible to size 135 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm.

evoc with bike

The EVOC with road bike

Bike Protection

The main feature you want in a bike bag is protection for the bike itself. For a soft shell bag the EVOC is outstanding.

The EVOC employs the use of PE plastic, glass fibre and plastic rods to reinforce the key parts of the bike. The frame is protected by well-placed glass fibre rods and PE sections in the lining of the bag while inside the frame and forks are protected from bumps and scratches by foam protectors. The separate wheel compartments are padded and reinforced with plastic rods to disburse any impact to the rim of the wheel (rather than the spokes) and the hubs are protected by PE pads.

evoc protection systemThe EVOC Bike Protection System

Good Points

  • Very good mobility and stability. This is important when you are making your way through airport check-in lines and taxi ranks!
  • Plenty of handles for lifting the bag in and out of cars, hotels etc.
  • Quality zips which enable easy access.
  • Can stuff the internal voids around the bike frame with clothes, bike kit etc
  • Can be folded up and collapsed into a compact size for storage.

Bad Points

  • The bag’s net weight is around 8.6kg. Although lighter that a hard shell bag, the EVOC is heavy for a soft shell. Once you pack your bike the gross weight will be over 15kg for the average road bike and even more for a mountain bike.
  • The padded frame block that the bottom bracket sits on is not ideal for road bikes, especially if you have a Di2 battery mounted under the bottom bracket – you’ll have to remove the battery and the battery bracket from the frame.
  • Large bike frames greater than 57cm will struggle to fit in the bag. You will definitely need to remove the seat and large bikes with integrated seat posts may not fit at all.


If you are using the bag for a road bike:

  • Definitely get a road specific aluminum frame stand. This will avoid the bottom bracket/battery problem mentioned above and will provide additional support and protection to the bike.
  • Get the chain cover. This is easy to fit and saves you the messy cleanup if items move around in the bag during transit.

Road Al standThe EVOC Road Stand – A must for road bikes

So now you have your bike, bike bag and plane tickets – Let’sa go!

– Lachlan Mackay


* Images courtesy of www.evocsports.com

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