Louis Garneau Course Shoe

Louis Garneau ShoeThe Course 2LS – Light, Stiff and Comfortable

Hailing from Canada the Course 2LS is the top of the line road shoe in the Louis Garneau range. “Course” meaning “race” in French and 2LS indicating the use of two BOA Lacing System dials (this models uses L5 dials). Out of the box these shoes are impressive and rival the best shoes in the cycling world. Aesthetically the bright white microfiber upper catches your attention and the clean logo-limited design is appealing to the eye.

The Course is packed with features

The importance of a proper fitting cycling shoe cannot be over stated. Each of your feet has 26 bones (half of all the body’s bones) and more joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments than any other part of the body. Given the foot’s complex range of movement, getting a good and secure fit is one of the more difficult things in cycling. Numb toes and hot spots are common complaints. The Course addresses these issues by the use of a number of key design points.

Retention System
The most obvious is the use of the BOA retention system. BOA is used under licence by LG and is also employed by the likes of Specialised, Lake, and Scott. These days the majority of shoe manufactures have at least one shoe in their range which features a wire like closure system, for example Bont and DMT use the ATOP system, Sidi use their Techno buckles and most recently Northwave have introduced the new SLW2 on the Extreme Tech Plus shoe. The whole idea behind these wire closure systems is to reduce pressure points on the foot while retaining as secure a fit as possible. Two secondary benefits are the reduction in weight compared to traditional strap/ratchet systems and the ability to easily adjust the shoe tension whilst on the bike.

Many shoes over the past few years have gone down the path of heat moulding where you stick your shoe in the oven and then on your foot, to produce a personalised fit. The major disadvantage has been the additional weight of the heat mouldable material and the resulting stiff shoe upper. In addition to using the BOA lacing system, LG have been able to achieve a personalised fit by using a narrow shoe (called Elite Fit) and by employing a different, more subtle material for the upper. In the heel area the Course makes use of spandex and reinforced injected nylon to secure the heel from slipping.

A patented ventilation design


Perhaps the most innovative feature of the Course is the patented ventilation system. When you consider your feet contain hundreds of thousands of sweat glands (10-15% of the body’s total), the ability to keep your feet cool is very important. Like most shoes the Course provides breathable areas by using micromesh on the shoe tongue and on either side, but where the Course differentiates itself from its competition is the venting system in the sole. The system works by taking air in just behind the toes, channels it along the sole of your foot and then expels the air out the back near the heel. This cooling system is enabled by a perforated/breathable insole and can be disabled by using the red “winter” insole (that comes with the shoes) which blocks the air and can be used in cold conditions.

The Course is packed with standout features including:

  • Exo-Jet Carbon outsole with patented multivent system: Designed to increase stiffness and provide excellent toe-to-heel airflow – only company in the world to offer true airflow from toe to heel. LG hold patent on venting further down the shoe allowing hot air to exhaust out of the shoe.
  • Stretchy anti-slip unidirectional spandex: Provides a good support and prevents heel lift
  • HRS-300 reinforced injected nylon: Secures the heel in place, optimizes fit, and reduces loss of power from slippage
  • BOA L5 double rail quick attachment system: Quick attach, distributed pressure and ultralight
  • Microfiber and mesh upper: Provides better support through a rigid upper
  • Polyurethane spandex inside heel cup: Enhances heel support
  • Ice Fil Ergo Air Cool Stuff blue double density EVA and Hot Stuff red antibacterial insoles: Patented system for riding in all weather conditions
  • Heel reflector: Improves visibility
  • Cleat position indicator compatible with SPD-SL, TIME, LOOK and SPEEDPLAY cleats
  • Shoe bag included
  • Approximate weight (size 42/1 shoe): 240 g/8.6 oz
  • Ergo air insoles interchangeable

As used by Thomas Voeckler

The Course shoes are incredibly light. I weighed the size 46 shoes under test (with inserts but no cleats) at 270g each.

The Course 2LS retail for around $369. These shoes are more price competitive than rival models such as the Sidi Wire or S-Works.

LG have created a shoe packed with great design features. This means the perfect fit for your foot is now achievable. If your feet suffer from numbness, hot spots or other foot complaints, then these shoes are definitely worth a try. Just try to keep them clean!

Performance 8/10
Quality 8/10
Value 7/10
Overall 8/10

– Lachlan Mackay

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